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On Becoming a Medical Intuitive

At age thirty three I was speaking with one of my trusted life and wellness consultants about what to do with my life and and how to bring all that I had learned and experienced into a solid career path. He asked me if I had read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by well know Medical Intuitive Carolyn Myss. I said “Oh yeah of course”! I was toying with the idea of going to teachers college but he though my skill set and wisdom was much too metaphysical for that ( Deep down I agreed, I knew I had other things to teach). “I think you would make an excellent Medical Intuitive” he said. “Sure” I thought “maybe by the time I’m eighty five years old I’ll develop the skills for that!” I never though I would be able to “do” medical intuition so quickly. One week later I saw an add for the College of Medical Intuition and had an interview with the dean, Dr. Parkin. Half way into our conversation she said “You are naturally doing this already you know”! She thought I was a perfect fit for intuition and I was enrolled that September. Two years later I graduated from the program and began training as a teacher for the College.

But what was it that set me on this path? Did I have a sudden death experience and wake up intuitive? No it was not so sensational. And maybe that is why I make a good teacher because I represent so many people who’ve stumbled upon their intuitive inclinations subtly and gradually. The difference between me and many of you who are reading this is that I fostered and trained my abilities. and guess what we are ALL intuitive!!! Trust me if you have a right brain, you have intuition!

Looking back it was something I was always interested in, even in university I tried to marry kinesiology (the study of human movement and health) and psychology to really understand how humans worked. I studied reports on how jogging affected people with depression, which is a field called psycho-neuro-immunology. The connection of the body and mind was always something I was curious about.

After university I travelled to New Zeland, Australia and Thailand. Guess what the intention of my whole trip was? To strengthen my intuition! A young woman travelling alone must have her spidey senses about her right?!  While in Thailand I spent ten days studying Buddhist Vipassana meditation. I learned that the connection to my “Higher Self”, “God”, “Spirit” was a direct one, not through a priest! Imagine that!  Then while teaching English in Japan shortly after my travels, a friend took me to the park after our run to show me some sun salutations. This was my first time trying yoga! When I dug deeper I quickly learned of energy base of yoga. Knowledge of the chakras, the whirling energy vortexes at the seven points along the center of the body and the nadis or energy lines filled my awareness. I was amazed at the discoveries of these ancient yogis and how they sensed the body mind connection. Some of my thirst for understanding was quenched and I continued searching for the truth. To be honest I felt totally jipped that I didn’t learn about this in university! How could they leave out this important ancient information? Well as I have discovered, modern medicine is a fairly young medicine that has really only scratched the surface knowledge about our WHOLE health.

I had been drawn to books about “Energy Medicine” and gobbed up their wisdom. I remembered the first time I heard of Reiki. I knew somehow that Reiki was not for me though, there was something else, a different path that I was meant to find.  And that path found me over and over again, like I kept tripping over it, it was the world of qigong (Chinese for energy-qi/chi, cultivation-gong). The first time I tried qigong I remember feeling the energy, it felt like I was swimming in a sea of it! It was one of the most blissful feelings, so dance-like and serene, I fell in love. Immersed in the world of energy healing through my qigong and meditation practices became a personal healing quest.

I felt empowered to take my health into my own hands as I was healing from a digestive issue that western medicine knew little about (believe me the best any regular doctor could do was tell me I was depressed- and I had already been through that so I knew something different was happening). I was even doing all the correct diet stuff, everything my Naturopath, Chinese medicine doctor and Ayurvedic doctor where telling me to do. But I KNEW this health issue was a deeper message from my soul.  That’s when I met and had my first assessment with a medical intuitive.

She was a graduate of the biggest energy healing school in the US founded by Barbara Ann Brennan. I had read all her books and found them fascinating and really understood what she was talking about because I sensed those things too!  She helped me see the big picture, how my health issue was connected to my mental and emotional being and for this I am greatful. It got me going in a healing direction which truly helped me to heal and realize what a Medical Intuitive really does, help people understand and listen to the messages of their soul !

Was I psychic?  Yes. Empathic? Yes. Clairvoyant? Yes. Clairsentient? Yes! The first time I realized that I had spiritual guidance, a connection to the collective conciousness or a “Higher Self” was when I began connecting to it through my DREAMS. Stay tuned for more about how I uncovered my intuitive abilities….


  1. Donovan

    Woo hoo!! Intuition is the BEST. I think I literally chose my last four technologies (3 cell phones and a computer) by intuition…after my intellect was
    totally overwhelmed with technical details of course. Intuition or sensitivity just keeps growing, in my experience – I don’t think it has any limits. Although I think I use it quite differently than you as I have not trained in the same way. I went way off in being too devotional at first and did what any voice told me to do (Yikes!) I literally ended up in San Diego at one point with almost no money…it worked out, but I since learned to have a lot more discernment and not just trust any voice or urge inside me (it’s not all Higher Self in here!). Now I see intuition and intellect as working together, at best. Heart and Mind. Common sense and gut feeling/knowing. But I certainly haven’t given up intuition, it’s more active then ever, trusting it more however is always the challenge..esp when I’m really attached to want (or a fear). A while back I realized, ‘when you follow your intuition consistently, you will know God”…which to me means a loving Higher Mind that can actually overshadow and direct things for the good of all. That might be the biggest take-away for me w/intuition: that we are Cared for. Oh, and that our ego’s don’t always know what’s best for them! lol

  2. Donovan

    LOVE the new site btw! :-)

  3. Brian

    Discovery is an illumination of what we already know. The idea that it is something new only further detaches our soul self from what we consider our physical /human self. When we connect with that part of soul self, the energy is electrifying and exhilarating if not illuminating. These nuggets or Windows of light are the motivators to spur us on to greater discoveries. All our experiences assist us with creating a higher awareness. This is if we choose to look past the worldly perception into that which our heart knows is our truth. Something occurs within each of us to open the window of opportunity. This could be a physical manifestation , a health concern, an emotional energy block or something as simple as asking a question. Everything we do relates to our energetic path . Choice is certainly part of taking that step toward unfolding our quest for answers . Positive need creates even more energy for fulfilling the spiritual, physical need for resolution. We are then thrust into our path of discovery. Everything is a positive step toward rediscovery of our energetic, soul path that we have been on for many lifetimes. Qigong, pranic energy, reiki and many more energy systems all assist us in creating an awareness and connection with the unlimited resources of the over self. Names and attachments only serve as a something to grab onto to help us along our pathway. Moments of intuition open that connection to light/energy hitch feeds the soul. As our body parts work together in harmony, so does humanity. Balance, light and love serve everyone equally. It is all very exciting and vibrant. I just wish we could be in that energy for a longer period of time. It is exilerating, is it not?


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