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PTSD Intervention FACT Sheet

Stephanie Is a trained PTSD Intervention Coach with Prolympian International. Here is a recent fact sheet published by Prolympian about the Intervention.

Prolympian International Inc. PTSD Intervention  FACT SHEET
The Prolympian Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques are a precise combination of 6 proprietary strategies
that have been studied and clinically reviewed as efficiently acting on the brain. Our recent clinical study has
shown that the unique combination of these techniques immediately and consistently achieved the needed
positive results for regressing or limiting the impact of trauma; such as PTSD and hyper- anxiety. These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or drugs.
By applying the precise combination of the 6 proprietary manual techniques; and by doing so consistently, our
Prolympian Intervention Strategy trains the client’s brain to be “responsive first; rather than reactive”. It is a
simple and safe, self-administered, group of techniques that drastically reduce or eliminate the negative
symptoms associated with trauma.
THE Prolympian 2016 PTSD STUDY: 60,000 Client submissions consistently volunteered that the Prolympian
Neurokinesis Intervention gets immediate results; usually as the technique is being applied. Based on our
computerized study results; we now know that the consistent use of this self-applied set of techniques;
especially when done in the moment that the symptoms appear: will rapidly reward the client by eliminating
trauma symptoms and the accompanying negative emotions.
The human brain functions in the “now” so the results happen in the “now”.
Our study provided the evidence that within a few days after the first appointment, the clients consistently
reported that the events that had previously triggered their trauma symptoms, no longer held the same
reactive intensity. By the client consistently continuing to use the techniques to eliminate the symptoms in the
moment that they appear; the health-related results accumulated enough for the client to report that the
client’s previous symptoms rarely appear. Many clients stated that the previous symptoms never re-appeared;
even when confronted by previous triggers.
Prolympian trained and certified coaches instruct clients in the very first session how to effectively “selfapply”
the needed technique. The client can then use the technique as needed to deal with their actual
symptoms in the moment and in whatever circumstances that triggers the symptoms. By doing so immediately the brain quickly learns to consistently circumvent the previous issues.
Client testimonials indicate that Certified Prolympian Coaches have consistently achieved:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Immediate Symptom relief of Trauma / PTSD / Anxiety / Rage
  • Long Term Symptom relief of Trauma / PTSD / Anxiety / OCD
  • Relationship resolution and enhancement
  • Elimination of Financial InstabilityRestored quality of life and self-reliance

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The Prolympian Code of Ethics states:
“the whole household is THE CLIENT” and every Prolympian coach ethically works to bring effective
coaching to everyone in the household that is experiencing the effects of living with trauma.
The UN reported in 2016 that 61.8% of all households around the globe experience multiple types of PTSD:
this includes Primary PTSD, Secondary PTSD, Floating PTSD acquired in childhood and serious Compound
PTSD (which includes any combination of all three types of PTSD.)
By learning how and when to use the Prolympian Neurokinesis Intervention Techniques, individuals, couples,
“the household” and the community benefit immediately.

  • All generations are enabled to get immediate results through the unique type of Interventions taught
    from the first “household” session onward by a Prolympian coach.
  • Couples are taught a unique form of “Intimate Intercession” that effectively reduces each person’s
    symptoms of negatively dealing with stress.
  • The parent child relationship is enhanced by simple but effective strategies that “change the day” into
    a succession of win/win/win situations that benefit everyone.
  • Within weeks the previous negative dynamics no longer control the household.
  • Instead, all participants experience the relief and release that ends the cyclic negative patterns that
    too often destroy the most valued relationships.

The Prolympian Intervention expertly addresses each of the individual needs within the context of the
household and community dynamics. Even children can quickly learn how to use the Neurokinesis
Intervention Techniques. These techniques quickly work to dramatically reduce the negative impact of being
exposed to trauma inducing situations such as: severe weather events, natural disasters, physical injuries,
accidents, war, violence, and social issues such as rape or the “school yard bully.”
This is a vital life time skill that each client can easily learn within minutes!
ATTENTION: The Prolympian Intervention Strategy is unique in another very significant way as well.
The Prolympian Strategy has been designed to ensure a client does not need to risk disclosing any condition
that can limit their earning capacity. The strategy has been carefully designed to get successful results without
requiring the client to disclose any description of their problems, nor any diagnosis, nor any personal details.
The client simply needs to attend appointments to learn how to do this self-administered series of precise
interventions in the correct sequence and within defined timelines. And, unlike mind based interventions
and therapies, the Prolympian Intervention does not require you, the client, “to believe” in the technique to
get the needed results.
In case you do not know, it is important to understand that all mind based therapies usually take years to
achieve a change in habits; but recent high tech MRI scans have proven mind therapies never achieve
permanent change in the brain. Modern nanotechnology has proven that ONLY hypnosis can prompt visible
cellular change in the brain. This fact may ultimately explain the source of the unique symptoms of PTSD; as
well as scientifically define why our technique gets such immediate and decisive results.

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