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Holistic Massage

Stephanie offers a variety of healing touch therapies that are described by many as “more than massage” because they extend into all the layers of the human being. Touch is very healing for the body and the Earth element within us, it helps us to feel calm and centered and increases self awareness around what is needed for muscles to remain relaxed, preventing pain and injury. Stephanie’s touch includes energy work as she is trained in acupressure and energy healing modalities. A great healing touch experience includes energy and loving intention behind the touch.

Here’s a list of what’s available, please see the following pages for descriptions:

Time and time again I hear “that it was not a regular massage that was MORE than a massage”. It is easy to follow a set of moves on a person’s body, what is not easy and takes skill is to be able to tune in to what the body wants and give it the touch it needs. Mind body spirit therapies offered  are just that, beyond massage. I enter into a dialogue with the body and understands what type of energy it is asking for. Sometimes stimulating trigger or acupressure points with pressure is what’s needed. Sometimes touch needs to be directed with a certain quality like feeling safe in the body. This is a conversation between the therapist and the client’s being.

Holistic Massage

The skill of intuitive listening and energetic awareness is not easily taught in massage school and often it is ignored for a more conventional western approach to healing. Stephanie has been trained in massage first through an Asian approach to touch and understanding the energetic meridians that run through the body. This approach is very valuable for many reasons. When one understands senses and feels the energetic connections within the body they can tune into were the blockages are and move them through the lines. For example many people carry tension in their shoulders. The shoulders have many lines running through them up into the neck and head and down into the arms and hands. When the shoulder is massaged and tension is released there it serves the body to massage the whole line down to the fingertips where it terminates so the energy can be released. When this is done it feels more complete or whole.

Asian therapies understand the concept of chi or energy. It is a major foundational understanding that informs the way the whole person is massaged not just the body parts. Different meridians correspond to different organs which also reflect and can improve that organs function and associated emotional states. We also have reflexology points on the hands feet ears and back that reflect in the organs and body parts Chakras or energy centers are areas of focus to balance particular physical, emotional and mental states in the person. To care for the health of the whole person these connections are addressed within any healing touch session.

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