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Energy Healing FAQ

How does energy healing benefit me?

Energy work can help us to heal on all levels, spiritual, mental emotional and physical. Assistance to move energy blockages along with the awareness around root causes can help us make more conscious healthy choices in everyday life. Gaining more skill in your own intuition also gives you access to more self-awareness. Awareness is like a light in the darkness. It helps us to see what we couldn’t see before. Soul retrieval in Shamanic healing returns a soul part that was lost or dissociated during trauma in earlier years or lifetimes. Energy goes where it needed when it is returned to the body. The client is given space to assimilate this energy before you go. The assimilation process may continue for 3-5 days after a healing session during which time you are still integrating.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

Not necessarily. Energy healing can happen regardless of what you believe. We all have to capacity to be able to offer energy healing to one another.  Like any other skill it is something that gets better with practice and experience.  Our loving intent is so powerful that we can help another or ourselves heal simply by focusing on this energy. Love is the most powerful force in the world. It is the glue that holds everything in the universe together. Our thoughts are also very powerful though so an open mind is best.

How do I know what type of energy healing is best for me?

There are many types of healing available. Often people will tell me that they were praying for an answer to their problem and then they heard of me or saw my website or received a newsletter. When we have a deep desire in our heart, the universe will conspire to make it come true and bring what we need to us. I find that it’s more about who the person is rather than the modality of healing. If you feel drawn to a particular person for healing, there is a large chance that your intuition is guiding you to them. When you learn to listen to your intuition or guidance you can feel the draw to someone that you can work well with.

What do I do during a long distance session?

During a distance healing session you may or may not call or Skype with me at the beginning and the end of the healing. We may just set a time for you to relax and rest and feel your body without connection by phone or Skype. You can also receive healing or a medical intuitive assessment when you are going about your daily tasks. It’s a personal choice of what will work best for you.

How much information is needed from me for a successful healing?

All I need is your permission and your full name and birthday. If we are working on something specific then I’ll ask you to share it. General energy healing can also help whatever needs healing within without any information.

How long does it take and how many sessions?

Energy healing can take place in one or more sessions. I will do a brief medical intuitive check-in to see how many sessions are needed. It is generally from one to three sessions depending on the your desired outcome.

How much does it cost?

Energy healing modalities used by Stephanie are $100 per session of 1.5 hours. Your first session is $20 off.

How can I become more intuitive or sensitive to energy?

You can begin by trusting and acknowledging the messages your body gives you on a daily basis. For example going to the bathroom when you need to, resting when you feel tired, exercise when you feel sluggish. Be curious about what your body and being is trying to communicate with you through sensations and feelings. Open a dialogue with the body by asking it questions and listening for answers. You can ask you body to show you what a no feels like and what a yes feels like. Joining a qigong class or a workshop is a great way to learn how to feel subtle energy.