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Shamanic Healing

In essence Shamanic healing uses our consciousness to access other dimensions of reality where we can communicate and work with Spirit to assist the healing practitioner in performing healing work. This healing ceremony is often called journeying and is accompanied by the sound of a constant drum beat. It is a way to communicate with nature, the elements, the animals, insects, the trees and plants. Shamanism gives us the ability to work with nature and its healing energy and connect to the web of life. We are after all part of nature but our modern world often forces us to live out of harmony with nature. Once we start to honour and respect all life we can begin to come back into harmony with all our relations, all the beings on this planet and create a more harmonic world for all beings.

Shamanism is not a religion. It is direct revelation, and ability to talk to nature, God or Spirit. It is natural, just like the animal instinct. When I began to study Shamanism I discovered that as I travelled around the world I could connect to Spirits specific to places. Connecting with nature I was able to receive healing and instruction on how to heal using the power and elements of certain places. My goal is to take my practice into nature to further work with the forces of nature.

Shamanic Healing Salmon Arm BC Stephanie Lafazanos


Shamanic Healing consists of Energy Clearing or Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp. During a shamanic healing session you also learn the basics of journeying to the underworld, connecting to your power animal and using the wisdom on an ongoing basis in your own personal growth and healing. We can also journey to the upper world and access more of our power and gifts to aid us in life.

Energy Clearing or Extraction works on areas of blocked energy in the physical, mental and emotional body. It can assist us to let go of limiting beliefs, heal emotional imbalances and bring more energy to the physical parts of the body that have been being affected by the energy block. By dealing with the mental and emotional energy blocks we deal with the root cause of much physical stress and tension and so it is a lasting way to help heal many issues. Extraction work also works with clearing entities and energy chords between people.

 Shamanic Soul Retrieval is helpful to move through trauma. Trauma research has shown that survivors of disaster, childhood trauma and accidents often endure lifelong symptoms ranging from physical pain, fatigue, illness and emotional issues and acting out behaviors. Shamans believed that during a trauma in an effort to self-protect we dissociate from our pure energy or soul parts, to hide or protect it. Trauma would have been detected by observant healers and perform Soul Retrieval, a way to retrieve those soul parts and therefore bring a large amount of energy back to a person for healing.

Signs and Symptoms of Trauma and the need for Soul Retrieval include the following:

Hyper arousal -in body- increased heart rate, sweating, difficulty breathing, muscular tension
-in mind- repetitious thoughts, worry, racing mind
Constriction, numbness or shut down
Dissociation and Denial-protects us from escalating fear and pain
Feeling helpless, immobility, frozen
Exaggerated emotional responses
Abrupt mood swings
Shame and lack of self-worth
Easily stressed out
Difficulty sleeping
Panic attacks
Spaced-out feelings
Inability to love nurture and bond
Chronic fatigue, low energy
and the list goes on…..

Psychopomp comprises the ability to help spirits transition form one realm to another. It is mostly used for helping ghosts and other trapped spirits move towards “the Light”. I have used this method to clear ghosts from some of my own houses and it works like a charm. Once ghosts understand that they are dead, they usually go willingly. Most of them don’t understand that they have passed on and in their confusion they adopt ways of trying to communicate by moving objects, making sounds or making their presence known.

I have also used it to help friends who have just died, ensuring their safe passage to the afterlife. It can be used in conception and birthing ceremonies to help children also fully enter into this world from the spirit world.

Distance Healing Shamanic healing is useful in many cases. It can be performed at a distance so it can be helpful if you are travelling in a foreign country and run into problems with your health. Because it is available at a distance it can also be used on people who are in the hospital to help them recover faster from accident s or illness. It can be used to help children and animals as well. Animal energy healing is a great way to help our animal friends. The flexibility of working at a distance has many advantages and it works just as well as in person.


How I Got into Shamanic Healing

I practised energy healing on myself for a long time before practising on anyone else. I have been a Qigong practitioner for over fifteen years. I have learned how to cultivate and strengthen my own energy at a time when I was going through my own healing crisis. It is very empowering to be able to help yourself by opening up to the healing energy that surrounds us all the time. I would often feel it in my body and being as this blissful loving light feeling. I would often spontaneously burst into tears. After practising on myself for years I asked “How do I DO energy healing for another?” Often I find when I ask a question with sincere curiosity the universe will bring me an answer.

I visited the native holy site at Petroglyph Provincial Park in Ontario at which I made offerings and prayers to be able to help people get their soul back. I didn’t know if or how that was possible but after seeing all the people on Hastings St. in Vancouver for the first time, I knew their soul was clearly traumatized as many people there looked like a “ghost in a shell” to me.

A few years after that prayer was made I was invited to join a circle of healers. We, the “Shamanistas” took a two year journey together learning and practicing Shamanic healing with each other including Soul Retrieval, Extractions (energy clearing) and Psychopomp (helping spirits go to the light). What I learned was that in order to do energy healing we actually really have to completely get out of the way and not try to do anything! We become like a “hollow bone” as my teacher would say, a channel for energy to pass through. We can learn to use our intuition and listen very carefully to feel, sense and see what is happening while the energy is being channeled assist the process and obtain information about the nature of the healing.

I work with power animals through journeying ceremonies to help clear and strengthen a person’s energy or do soul retrieval. Before I studied Shamanism my first power animal was already starting to connect with me through visions and dreams. Each animal has incredible gifts and specialities to share about healing and have become my teachers. I work with power animal allies the bear, rainbow serpent and wolf.

Shamanic healing is the oldest and most widely used form of spiritual energy healing around the world. It is still common in many cultures. In the western world historically it was seen as a threat to religious power and control and so there have been many attempts to eradicate its use and knowledge out of our culture to be replaced with religion or science.

It is an honour to be able to see into the depths of another person’s healing journey and to offer assistance to help them. When we see what people have been through in this lifetime and many lifetimes and watch how their soul is learning the lessons they need to learn we really develop a sense of compassion for them, ourselves and all beings. Compassion is the most powerful virtue of all. It does not judge, it does not divide, it creates a space for wholeness to occur. Beginning to see and treat ourselves and others with compassion is the greatest thing we can each do for humanity.