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What is Medical Intuition?

Our body and soul is designed to have energy moving freely throughout our system. When our body, emotions or thought do not reflect the blue print or full potential in our soul, it gets our attention through: pain, sensations, feelings and life experiences . We call these “energetic blockages”. If we aren’t getting the messages correctly or doing anything about them eventually those energetic blockages manifest as “illness” and more experiences to teach us how to pay attention. This body-mind complex is an intricate system to lead us to ultimate joy and happiness.

What is Medical Intuition Stephanie Lafazanos Certified Medical Intuitive

With awareness of what it takes to heal and come back to balance, we can live in harmony, enjoy life and discover our true potential. Everything we need is inside of us! Everything that happens in our life is created by US!

As a Medical Intuitive I have a highly trained intuition or extra sensory perceptive abilities. This is used in assessing energetic blockages in the body’s subtle energy, intuitive healing and imparting a practical understanding of health to clients. I help people get to the root of “disease” in order to heal it completely and move forward in a supportive, holistic and effective way.

Many people are stuck in the popular mindset of western traditional medicine of compartmentalization. For example if they have a problem with their foot they will go to a foot specialist to check it out. It is a great idea to get any issue you may have checked out by your health practitioner; however that is where it usually stops. Using an example of a foot issue: When you realize that your foot is connected to the “way you walk forward in life”, you may realize that you are actually scared to move forward in some way in life, and that hesitation is causing part of the problem.

When you start to deal with any fears around moving forward in life you are actually also helping your foot by addressing the reason the energy blockage is there in the first place. Many people would be surprised to hear that over 75% of the time their physical health issues stem from other more complex mental / emotional patterns that needs awareness. In western medicine this is commonly noted in the belief that “stress” causes illness. The precise nature of that “stress” is something that Medical Intuition is able to identify. Ultimately that stress is meant to helps us grow and evolve.

Medical Intuition is based on the concepts of energy medicine. Everything is made of energy in the universe. This concept has been long known about in eastern medicine where the energy is known as Qi / “Chi” or Prana. We exist in an electromagnetic universe, solar system and planet and are all bioelectrical beings with our own electromagnetic field. Just like the earth our head would be considered the positive pole of our own personal electro-magnet and our tailbone would be our south pole.

Energy moves in and out and through the body through energy pathways, known as channels or meridians, points and vortexes know as chakras or acupressure points. When energy gets stuck in certain areas of the body or being it can be perceived by a Medical Intuitive and all the information relevant to the energetic blockage is also perceived through intuition, sensing and feeling.

Every person has the ability to sense and perceive energy. We are doing it all the time in fact. However since this is an intuitive process it is not easily measured by logic and rational methods, so the body of knowledge surrounding intuition in modern science has been small but it is growing every day. Einstein speaks as to the role of intuition in theory formulation,

“…the supreme task of the physicist is the discovery of the most general elementary laws [axioms] from which the world-picture can be deduced logically. But there is no logical way to the discovery of the elementary laws [themselves]. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance, and this Einfuehlung is developed by experience.’

With practice we can learn how become more and more intuitive and gain access to information that helps to guide us in our own life or help others. Obtaining information from a person’s energy field is due to the fact that energy is transferable. So when someone is in a good or a bad mood and feeling positively or negatively you would surely notice that by how they appear but you can also feel it with your own senses and feelings. This perception is largely associated with the right side of the brain, heightened in animals, and considered our feminine power.  When this skill is practiced as in Medical Intuition the information about a client’s energy blocks is obtained from the unconscious creation of the client. All thoughts, feelings and soul imprints are available from the clients own energy field. This information can be accessed from anywhere making a Medical Intuitive Assessment possible remotely.

Like tuning in to a radio station we can tune our senses into a person’s energetic blocks to gain information about why it’s there and how it is healed. In fact many people ask if Medical Intuition is this like Reiki which is becoming a popular energy medicine healing modality. I usually offer the analogy that Reiki is like one radio station on the radio and there are many stations or channels. Just like music is music, energy is energy.  Reiki distance healing is becoming well known and Medical Intuition works on the same principles of energy with an added translation by the practitioner as to what valuable information can be obtained about the nature of energy blocks. There is no difference in assessing a person through distance or close proximity, the accuracy is the same.