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Body/Mind Healing

Begin to develop a strong connection within yourself.  Everything in your life is created by YOU.

The way to change your outer world is by becoming aware of yourself from the inside. Shift limiting belief patterns, develop compassion and positive virtues, nurture yourself and experience your true power NOW!

And remember:

Beauty is from the inside

Love is from the inside

Health is from the inside

Peace is from the inside

Happiness is from the inside

When you meet with Stephanie she will do a brief assessment to see what will work best for your specific needs.  All sessions are at least one to one and a half hours long.

Body mind therapy is a journey into understanding yourself. Stephanie pulls together from a variety of training such as Somatic Psychotherapy, Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training, Qigong and energy awareness, Tantra and Hakomi Therapy to offer you a body-centered approach to counselling. Unlike talk therapy you will get to sink into your own body and mind and emotions with guidance. This is like accelerated learning in inner self work with the assistance of someone who has been there and has helped many other get there.

These sessions can be sitting or lying down with some gentle touch. Touch is a powerful tool to bring awareness to feeling certain parts of the body where there has manifested and energetic blockage such as a particular negative belief about the self or a held negative emotion that needs to move and transform into its positive virtue.

These sessions are like self-healing coaching, they give you the tools to be able to empower your own transformation. When negative thoughts and emotions are not processed eventually they can end up as energetic blockages and manifest into physical disease. Ways we have not been listening, being aware of or paying attention to ourselves in ways that we need to, will be revealed. From this perspective, illness gives us a big signal that something needs attention and it is a chance to move forward to grow, learn and heal. This is different from a model of health that believes illness is a sign that something is wrong with us which is out of our control, that needs to be fixed.

Sometimes we hit roadblocks in life and the imprints area caused by trauma from this life time or many past lifetimes. Trauma research has shown that survivors of disaster, childhood trauma and accidents often endure lifelong symptoms ranging from physical pain, fatigue, illness and emotional issues and acting out behaviors.

Symptoms of trauma may include:

  • Hyper arousal
  • -in body- increased heart rate, sweating, difficulty breathing, muscular tension
  • -in mind- repetitious thoughts, worry, racing mind
  • Constriction, numbness or shut down
  • Dissociation and Denial-protects us from escalating fear and pain
  • Feeling helpless, immobility, frozen
  • Exaggerated emotional responses
  • Nightmares
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • Shame and lack of self worth
  • Easily stressed out
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Panic attacks
  • Spaced-out feelings
  • Inability to love nurture and bond
  • Chronic fatigue, low energy
  • and the list goes on…..

One type of Body mind therapy that is employed is the use of regression therapy. You are guided to peer into the past to see where particular traumas area rooted and the situations that that caused them and see how and why they affect your health now. Reversing the effect of the trauma is the aim of this healing discovery. Once a trauma has been resolved it stops its negative loop of re occurrence in life and frees up a lot of energy that can be used to move forward.

Techniques for changing unconscious limiting belief patterns similar to hypnosis are also available to help you clear invisible barriers to success or in any area of life, career, money, relationship or health.