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Qigong & Kinesiology

“To unify oneself with the power of the universe through Qigong is a gift for all humanity and all beings”          ~ The Taoist Sages

Stephanie graduated from Mc Master University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) and Psychology in 1996.  Her area of interest was and continues to be Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. When she couldn’t participate in exercise like she had been most of her life due to an illness she sought a gentler form of movement that could still have health benefits and raise heart rate without over-exerting. That is when she found Qigong.

Stephanie has been offering Kinesiology or movement therapy to help people heal in her private practice for over 20 years. Also a practising Qigong practitioner since 2001 she studied with Grand-Masters from China, Canada and Taiwan. She attests the healing benefits of regular Qigong practice to bringing her back to health from a healing crisis. Qigong had strengthened her Extra Sensory Perceptive abilities, spiritual strength, positive virtues and supercharged her evolution into a happy, healthy, holistic healer.

Stephanie is certified as a Qigong instructor by the largest word-wide Taoist qigong school: Universal Healing Tao. Stephanie assists Master Minke de Voss in week to month long qigong retreats and an in the writing of her book called “Tao Tantric Arts for Women, Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love and Spirit”. These are qigong practices for women’s health were developed from the Tao practices by Minke, a Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructors and a member of the “Council of Nine”, an education steering committee of the Universal Healing Tao.

Stephanie has been raising awareness about qigong and teaching classes in Vancouver for over ten years. She has organized Vancouver’s International Tai Chi and Qigong Day and offered many programs at various locations, events and festivals throughout the city and province of BC.

Stephanie leads group and individual classes, workshops and retreats.

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