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Energy Work

Energy Healing is a non-evasive way to affect overall health on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. There are many different types of energy healing but they all have something in common, a practitioner focused with loving intent and allowing themselves to be a channel for energy or awareness to enter another persons body or being. Energy itself knows where to go in the person’s body. Just like healing happens naturally, the body knows what to do with energy when offered.

Energy healing is part of all the healing work I offer as I am always aware of energy. It happens during massage, in my Qigong classes, Medical Intuitive Assessments even when I simple talk with someone. I offer structured Energy Healing Sessions in two categories Body-Mind Healing which includes Body Psychotherapy sessions, and other body-mind therapies that help us to identify and transform our imbalanced emotions and beliefs, and Shamanic Healing. You can read more about these by clicking the picture to the right.

While performing energy healing I perceive the layers of energy around a person’s being, The physical-energetic layer, the emotional layer the mental layer and the spiritual layers. It is possible to see how by changing the mental layer and say helping to undo a belief pattern that has the effect of holding a person back in some way, that energy trickles down through the other emotional layer and into the physical energetic layer affecting healing changes on all layers. Read more about Energy Healing by clicking the Energy Healing FAQ picture to the right.

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