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Medical Intuitive Assessment Donated!

I am thoroughly enjoying my new community in the Shuswap / Okanagan especially all of the hiking trails! I donated a Medical Intuitive Assessment as an auction item to the Shuswap Trail Alliance to give back for the all the amazing trail development in the area, the maps and opportunities to wander around and expore this beautiful place.

I was recently contacted by the woman who won the bid on the Medical Intuitive Assessment at the Trail Alliance party, which was an amazing party, a real good shake down – the best one I have been to in this area so far. She had many questions about how I do Medical Intuitive Assessments. She was trying to wrap her brain around the fact that I do the assessment at a distance first and then consult in person or by phone or Skype if distance is an issue. Often the first question is “how is that possible”? Well assured her that if this is her first time really dipping into the world of energy medicine it might seem strange, it was even for me the first time I requested energy healing and was told it could be done remotely. I encourage you to read the page about Medical Intuitive Assessments and Energy Healing FAQ to learn more about this topic.

I have always had an interest in the connection of nature and healing.  I observed the ability of nature to really provide me with a lot of healing during times I needed it most. That is why I sought education that linked nature and healing. Much of my fourth year university degree in Kinesiology was spent on canoe trips in outdoor education and adventure based learning.  I went on to a degree in Ecotourism Management and event studied with professors who taught the Eco Therapy program at Naropa University.  Connection to nature is certainly a huge part of everyoneès health so it is in our interest to take care of this amazing planet that takes care of us.

Living in harmony with my environment is a goal in my life and one of the reasons I moved from Vancouver to Salmon Arm. I see this a place where I can live a more sustainable lifestyle, garden, maybe have animals and share community with like minded individuals. I look forward to learning more about sustainable trail building with the Shuswap Trail Alliance in the spring. See their website for details on the trail building workshop and enjoy spending time in nature!

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